David jensen - Unfinished

Why finish stuff when you can forget about it, and start something new?

David Jensen

unfinished projects

Personal projects, aren't they fun? Well, you know what's not so fun? Finishing them. I never do. I've decided to embrace the failure, the promising start and the idea that never really took off. This is where projects come to get their heads chopped off and cryogenically frozen. And maybe, maybe in the future they will live again.

  1. The mouse trap

    To trap a smart mouse you need... a long tube. And an arduino.

    projects arduino servo
  2. The clock

    A smart clock with spoilers about todays weather.

    projects neopixel clock raspberrypi weather
  3. The foot counter

    No, not counting feet literally. Just a foot pedal to count rows while knitting

    projects trinketm0 adafruit_trinket keyboard
  4. The knit counter

    Keep track of your rows with this smallish digital knit counter

    projects arduino attiny85 oled broken